In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, businesses face numerous challenges that demand adaptability and agility. At igility Services, we understand the importance of growth and continuously strive to improve ourselves. With a legacy of over 60 years in healthcare expertise, igility is uniquely positioned to address the complex needs of healthcare organizations. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the exciting ways in which igility is growing as an organization—particularly in the past year.

Building a Strong Foundation

Agility in business is not just about moving fast but also about having a stable foundation to support growth. Recognizing this, igility invests in building robust processes and systems to provide a stable and reliable framework for our team members and clients. We believe that by establishing a strong foundation, we empower our team to deliver consistent and high-level standards of care to our valued customers.

Improving Processes to Support Our People

A growing organization understands the importance of continuously enhancing internal processes to support its people effectively. At igility, we have implemented a comprehensive strategy to improve our operational efficiency and optimize the delivery of our services. By adopting best practices and leveraging our deep understanding of healthcare, we streamline processes, ensuring our team members have the tools and resources they need to excel.

New Additions to the Team

Welcoming fresh talent to our team is an integral part of our growth journey. We are excited to introduce our newest team members, who bring diverse skills and experiences to igility Services.

Coralee Burrows – Group Purchasing Product Coordinator:

With an impressive background spanning Sales, Marketing, and Business, Coralee is well-equipped to oversee group purchasing for long-term care facilities. Her expertise will bolster our ability to provide tailored solutions to our clients, ensuring they have access to the necessary resources while streamlining their operations.

Christie Walsh – Business Administrator:

With a decade of experience in administrative roles within the hospitality industry and property management, Christie brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills will help streamline our internal processes, ultimately benefiting our clients.

Aaron Peters – Business Administrator:

Aaron is a seasoned digital marketing specialist with a strong background in healthcare administration and the non-profit sector. His expertise in both marketing and healthcare administration will contribute to the growth of igility Services, enabling us to better serve our clients with innovative solutions.

Steve Croft – Account Manager (Safe Patient Handling Department):

Steve’s extensive experience in B2B account management, particularly with family clinics, home care nursing organizations, and long-term care facilities, is invaluable to igility. In his new role as an Account Manager, Steve will leverage his existing relationships to foster partnerships that promote safe patient handling solutions.

Ilyas Malik – Finance Clerk: 

Ilyas has a strong background as an ADP Payroll Specialist, and brings extensive expertise in payroll processing using SAP, including end-to-end processes, auditing, and validation. Ilyas also has over a decade of experience in customer service which will be an asset for igility’s clients.

Rosshni Mashruwala – HR Consultant Draw (DSP Recruitment and Retention Program):    

Rosshni brings with her more than 12 years of industry experience as an HR and Recruitment Consultant. Rosshni is known for her excellent communication skills and her ability to establish meaningful connections with individuals at all levels of an organization. She takes pride in her ability to identify and attract top talent, matching the right candidates with the right positions.

Paulette Dugas – HANS Wound Care Team (Western Zone):

Paulette brings with her over 33 years of experience as a registered nurse, and a background in various Director and Management positions at the VON, acute and long-term care sectors in the Western Region.

Nancy Kuta-George – HANS Wound Care Team (Eastern Zone):

Nancy brings with her over 28 years of experience as a registered nurse, and she has been a community nurse for the Cape Breton Metro Victorian Order of Nurses.


Expanding Our Service Portfolio

At igility Services, we continuously expand our service portfolio to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare sector. Our primary services include:

  1. Recruitment & Retention: We assist organizations in finding and retaining top talent, ensuring they have the skilled professionals needed to thrive.
  2. Disability Support Program Employment Services: Through our comprehensive employment services, we facilitate the integration of individuals with disabilities into the workforce, promoting inclusivity and diversity.
  3. Wound Care: Our Wound Management Program, initiated in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, addresses the critical area of wound care, offering specialized expertise to enhance patient outcomes.
  4. Group Purchasing: Our recent group purchasing partnership with HealthPRO allows our long-term care and home care agencies across the sector to attain the best products at competitive prices.
  5. Safe Patient Handling Solutions: We provide innovative solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and healthcare providers, helping organizations create a secure environment.
  6. Executive Search Services: Leveraging our extensive network and industry knowledge, we connect healthcare organizations with exceptional executive-level talent, supporting their leadership needs.
  7. Business Advisory Services: Through our specialized advisory services, we empower businesses to enhance their performance across various areas, leveraging our expertise and experience in healthcare operations.


At igility Services, we embrace growth as a catalyst for progress and success. Through continuous internal development, refined processes, and the addition of exceptional talent to our team, we strive to provide healthcare organizations with the agility and efficiency needed to navigate the complex healthcare landscape. We are committed to delivering top-notch services, enabling our clients to focus on their core purpose while we take care of the rest. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and experience the igility advantage in the healthcare sector.

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