igility continues to be an exclusive distributor of Guldmann products in Atlantic Canada, primarily supplying to organizations within the continuing care sector. We entered this partnership with Guldmann in an effort to improve work procedures and reduce staff and patient injuries due to manual lifting.

This affiliation allows us to offer preferred pricing for high quality products that our members can easily access, and provide support with installation and maintenance.

Our Safe Patient Handling solutions have a service warranty of 15 years, in comparison to our competitors averaging 7-10 years.  Our current offerings include:

  • Ceiling Lift Systems
    • Ceiling lifts are often the ideal and most effective way to lift and move people. Mounting all the lifting equipment at ceiling height frees up floor space and makes it much easier to get around.
  • Mobile Lifters
    • In environments where a ceiling lift system isn’t the best solution a floor lifter is essential for still being able to lift and move people in a safe and ergonomically responsible manner.
  • Slings
    • Lifting slings and slings for turning and moving are an important part of the comprehensive range of lifting and moving equipment. Lifting slings are used for many different care tasks, ranging from lifting, positioning and moving to training, mobilization and activation.
  • Lifting Accessories
    • Lifting accessories for ceiling lifts and mobile lifters in every situation.
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Guldmann is a Denmark-based company that specializes in safe patient handling solutions. They pride themselves in creating more “time to care” in conjunction with lifting and moving requirements across the full spectrum of healthcare environments.  www.guldmann.com

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