• Positioning and support of users in sideways positions
  • Lifting capacity up to 255 kg/560 lbs
  • Enables examination and care of the user’s skin

The sling makes it possible to turn the user from side to side without removing the sling from under the user. It can assist to fit a general sling without having to manually roll or otherwise move the user. The turning sling has a relatively small surface, which facilitates examination, care and treatment of the user’s skin.

The Guldmann Twin Turning sling is made of polyester material.

Lifting capacity of 255 kg/560 lbs.

On the sling, there is a label with a QR code leading to a mobile site containing links to instruction videos and user manuals.

The sling can be used with all Guldmann ceiling hoists and mobile lifters.

Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity and safety for the user and the care provider.

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