When it comes to providing optimal care for patients, safety and efficiency are paramount. In Nova Scotia, a dedicated individual has been making a significant impact on patient care by promoting safe patient handling solutions throughout the province. Meet Steve Croft, account manager for the igility Safe Patient Handling Department, who travels tirelessly to various healthcare facilities in Nova Scotia, spreading awareness and implementing innovative solutions. This blog will delve into Steve’s recent experiences and the testimonials he has received, showcasing the positive impact of safe patient handling solutions and Guldmann products.

Over the past month, Steve has been on the road visiting several healthcare facilities in Nova Scotia—each with its unique requirements and challenges. Let’s take a closer look at some of the facilities he has visited and the testimonials he has received:

Nova Scotia Cancer Center, Halifax:

At the Nova Scotia Cancer Center in Halifax, Steve discovered firsthand the benefits of Guldmann lifts. The nursing staff conveyed their appreciation for the continuous charging feature, which eliminates concerns about uncharged lifts when they are needed most. This reliability allows healthcare professionals to focus on delivering exceptional care without interruption.

Ocean View Manor, Eastern Passage:

Physiotherapists at Ocean View Manor shared their positive experience with the Active Micro Plus Hygiene Sling. Notably, they praised its enhanced back support and superior cushioning compared to previous slings. These improvements play a crucial role in ensuring patient comfort during transfers, ultimately improving their overall well-being.

East Cumberland Lodge, Pugwash:

At East Cumberland Lodge in Pugwash, they are enthusiastic supporters of Guldmann’s safe patient handling solutions. Their administrator had the opportunity to visit Guldmann’s Head Office in Denmark during a recent trip, reinforcing their trust in the company’s expertise and commitment to excellence.

Grand View Manor, Berwick:

During his visit to Grand View Manor, Steve encountered an occupational therapist who highlighted the value of igility‘s sling inspections. With busy schedules, it is often challenging for staff to allocate time for comprehensive sling inspections. By offering this service, igility alleviates the burden, ensuring that slings are in excellent condition and ready for safe patient handling.

Tide View Terrace, Digby:

A rehab assistant at Tide View Terrace emphasized the importance of fostering a culture change when implementing a safe patient handling program. Recognizing that mindset shifts are crucial, the facility is committed to creating an environment that prioritizes patient safety and encourages supportive practices among healthcare professionals.

Miners Memorial Manor, Sydney Mines:

At Miners Memorial Manor, Steve went beyond product demonstrations and inspections. He provided valuable guidance on proper sling laundering techniques, helping the facility extend the lifespan of their slings while maintaining optimal hygiene standards. This knowledge empowers healthcare providers to deliver safe and efficient care while maximizing the use of their equipment.

Additionally, Steve visited:

As for product feedback, the Guldmann Bariatric Gait Trainer Sling has been especially helpful for long-term care facilities and hospitals. One of the notable testimonials showcases the transformative impact of this sling on a patient’s rehabilitation journey.

“The sling has made a world of difference in one of our patients’ rehab. It has helped bridge the gap between this patient needing maximal assistance to stand up from bed, to being able to complete this task completely on their own. The patient is also very pleased with the product. It will continue to be instrumental as we progress to walking in the coming weeks.” – From a Physiotherapy Resident.

Steve’s journey continues as he prepares to visit additional healthcare facilities throughout Nova Scotia. The upcoming visits to Highland Manor, Foyer Pere Fiset, Fisherman’s Memorial Hospital, and others promise to introduce safe patient handling solutions to new settings, further elevating patient care across the province.

Steve Croft’s role as the Account Manager for the igility Safe Patient Handling Department has been pivotal in revolutionizing patient care throughout the province. By promoting safe patient handling solutions, performing sling inspections, and collecting feedback from healthcare professionals, Steve is driving tangible improvements in both patient outcomes and the operational efficiency of healthcare facilities. As he embarks on new visits, Steve continues to pave the way for safer and more effective patient care in Nova Scotia and beyond.

To start implementing SPH practices and installing Guldmann products in your facility, reach out to Steve today at 902-266-4335 or steve.croft@healthassociation.ns.ca.