Wouldn’t it be great if there were an organization dedicated to healthcare efficiency and management? Someone who had acquired a body of knowledge from a host of other organizations in the healthcare profession. Someone who knew which ‘best practices’ were actually the best. Someone well-versed in streamlining processes and running an efficient operation. Someone who could help take some of the complexity out of running a health-related business.

Say hello to igility Services—an entity created by Health Association Nova Scotia, and built on 60 years of healthcare expertise. igility has the advantage of serving only clients in the healthcare sector. What we learn on one project can be applied as ‘best practice’ on another. The goal is to help streamline current processes and help organizations focus on the things that matter most—staff, patients, residents, and ‘customers’.

Our world becomes increasingly complex everyday, and igility Services is well positioned to meet the healthcare challenges of the future. See how we are helping health-related businesses and organizations today.

Business Advisory Services

igility can help businesses improve their overall performance in all aspects of one’s business. Our team of dedicated experts work with you to identify areas of need in one’s particular business in areas such as: 

  • Financial Leadership & Oversight
  • Business & Budget Planning
  • Organizational Structure Review
  • Policy Support – Administration, Organizational & Human Resources
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Key Performance Indicators and Measures
  • Risk Management – Assessment and Analysis

When these challenges emerge, know that there is a nearby resource that has likely, “Been there, and done that. 

Recruitment and Retention

One of the biggest challenges in any business today is attracting top talent. With unemployment at an all time low and a tight labour market, it pays to have a resource at the ready when you are in need of specialized staff, or new leadership.

When seeking out new hires, the hope is that the investment in new talent will ultimately benefit the organization. That’s one good reason to get it right, and getting it wrong can be costly, and painful. Successful recruitment strategies in 2022 include:

  • Promoting, and reaching the right audience
  • Creating engaging and attractive job posts
  • Making the application process simpler
  • Designing a positive interview experience
  • Onboarding strategies that help employees thrive

When it comes to executive search, igility offers HR professionals who possess a unique understanding of the challenges and needs of the healthcare sector, as well as a deep understanding of the kind of leadership that is required for complex organizations to succeed. igility’s comprehensive executive search process includes recruitment, job analysis, sourcing, screening and selection.

Best Practices and Consistency

The foundation for many of igility’s programs are assisting the healthcare sector in accessing best practices, and taking a consistent approach to care. Two such services are an example of their approach.

igility Services offers Safe Patient Handling solutions in order to create more time to care. Promoting safe patient handling isn’t only about the patient’s safety, but the caregiver as well. Almost 80% of time-loss claims reported to WCB Nova Scotia by healthcare workers involve musculoskeletal injuries, where over half of these are linked to the lifting, transferring, and repositioning of residents, patients, and clients.

To avoid injuries in the workplace, igility has partnered with Guldmann—a Denmark-based company that specializes in safe patient handling solutions using ceiling lift systems, mobile lifters, slings and lifting accessories. These products provide healthcare workers with a complete solution to match their current needs and improve the quality of patient care.  

The Wound Management Program was started by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness in April, 2021. DHW partnered with Health Association Nova Scotia (HANS) to oversee and deliver the provincial program to the continuing care sector, which includes all the licensed funded long-term care providers and home care providers that provide nursing services.

A more consistent approach in the prevention and management of evidence-informed wound care has led to improved wound management outcomes and an increase in capacity, through knowledge transfer, within the Continuing Care sector. 

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