Healthcare is a complex industry and one of the key challenges we face is keeping our staff and patients safe. As a healthcare worker, there can be many stresses on the body. Performing a small care task such as holding a patient’s leg or turning a patient can be more ‘back breaking’ than you may realize. And by the time you’ve reached hour 12, the repetitive tasks and movements have caused an injury. Additionally, manual lifting or moving puts the patient at risk for injury.

That’s why igility Services is an exclusive distributor of Guldmann solutions—a Denmark-based company that specializes in ceiling lift systems, slings, and mobile lifts—for Atlantic Canada. We tested various medical technologies and chose to work with Guldmann based on their high quality products, services and warranty. The goal of this partnership is to help our clients save time and money, and to provide access to proven and reliable technology.

The lives of many healthcare workers have been made easier due to installing Guldmann products in their facilities. One of the key products that Guldmann offers is the ceiling lift system, whether it be room-covering or single rail. Ceiling lifts are typically the most effective way to lift and move patients. As well as being efficient, they also save on floor space so that you can move around freely and everything you need is close at hand. Since they can be operated by one person, this technology is single-handedly creating more time to care for patients while using less resources.

As the province invests more in long-term care, installing equipment like the room-covering lift system is especially beneficial for those looking to renovate or build new facilities. Guldmann and igility offer consultations prior to new build or renovation projects to ensure that the lift system layout works seamlessly into the design. Implementing these products not only improves the quality of care, but also significantly prevents injuries in the workplace. 

Igility Services is dedicated to driving efficiency in the healthcare industry by taking daunting tasks off your shoulders—quite literally. Our partnership with Guldmann has allowed us to provide our clients with trusted safe patient handling solutions that prevents injury and creates more time for patient care. With our solutions, your healthcare organization can focus more on what matters most; providing the best possible care.

Are you interested in bringing Guldmann products into your facility? Book a complimentary demo with us to see which lift system is the right fit for you.