stethoscope on table next to laptop

The expectations of our healthcare system are pretty simple—delivery of the proper care, at the right cost and consistency. While healthcare spending in Nova Scotia received a significant boost recently ($5.7 Billion in the 2022/2023 budget), the cost of equipment, facilities, and staffing continues to rise. 

But for many healthcare providers, trying to align best practices and the latest medical recommendations with their already demanding schedules, can be daunting. This is on top of the administrative and financial challenges of their organizations. All in all, it can be pretty complex.

There is always the need to drive efficiencies into our current system, this is our goal at igility Services. We work to make the complex simple so you don’t have to do it alone.  While we offer a variety of business-related services, it is our perspective on streamlining operations that sets us apart.

A holistic approach to problem solving

Our best advice for solving complex problems is to simplify and focus on the essentials. We tend to break things down, compartmentalize, and then start to attack the bite-sized chunks. 

Problem-solving in business is defined as implementing processes that reduce or remove obstacles that are preventing you or others from accomplishing operational and strategic business goals. Everyone experiences problems at work, but how we approach and resolve these problems makes all the difference.

Which systems, processes, tools and/ or applications are best for managing your health-related business? That’s a complex and time consuming question, where we can help ease the pain.

People make the difference

In healthcare, technology and equipment are seen as great enablers, but people are still the key.  Getting the right people in place, at the right time, with the right skill sets, can contribute greatly to your organization’s success. But finding talent to fill key positions, or to fuel your business growth can be complex and complicated. 

There’s a challenge reaching new people, finding quality candidates that meet your hiring criteria, and company culture.  Managing the whole process throughout, takes time, especially if you don’t have a dedicated hiring resource.  Lean on us for help, so you can put your focus back on primary care.

Built-in expertise

One of the best ways to find help with solving problems is to hire an expert, and preferably one who has done it before.

At igility Services, we have the advantage of serving only clients in the healthcare sector. The key learnings from one project allow us to apply best practices on another. The goal, as always, is to streamline current processes and to focus on the things that matter most—patients, residents, and ‘customers’.

As our world advances and becomes increasingly complex, igility Services will evolve to meet the healthcare challenges of the future. Think of us as your business efficiency navigators, steering a course to prosperity and success.

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