In the fast-changing world of healthcare, strong leadership is essential. Organizations need leaders with the right skills to handle the challenges and opportunities. That’s where igility steps in to provide a steady hand in sourcing and securing top-tier leaders. With over six decades of experience, igility has an extensive record of success in recruitment.

The healthcare sector is notorious for its high turnover rates, as leaders grapple with evolving regulations, emerging technologies, and the ever-changing needs of patient populations. igility knows what qualities make a good healthcare leader, and uses that knowledge to find the best people for the job. 

Skills That Work Everywhere

igility recognizes that healthcare leadership requires a unique blend of expertise—a blend that is not confined to a single industry. The importance of transferable skills becomes increasingly evident with this changing industry—and there is something for everyone. Healthcare needs you, whether it’s nurses, human resources, directors, maintenance, and more. By focusing on candidates with skills that can seamlessly transfer into healthcare, igility ensures that organizations have leaders who can navigate challenges with agility and innovation.

Empowering Efficiency and Excellence

Efficiency is not just a buzzword, it’s a lifeline for healthcare organizations striving to deliver quality care in a time of uncertainty. igility recognizes that even institutions well-regarded for their achievements can benefit from efficiency enhancements—there is always room for improvement. igility has a team of experts in executive leadership, human resources, and public relations. And they offer their services at a competitive price, so more organizations can benefit from their help.

Steering Through the Recruitment Process

igility‘s recruitment process is a well-oiled machine that coordinates the needs of organizations with the aspirations of candidates, through a step-by-step process.

  1. Job Analysis: The journey begins with an in-depth analysis that maps out the skills and attributes necessary for the position. This foundational step ensures that everyone is aligned, setting the stage for a successful recruitment endeavour.
  2. Sourcing: From traditional channels like newspapers to the boundless expanses of the internet, igility casts a wide net. Prospectors identify hidden gems, ensuring that the search is comprehensive and thorough.
  3. Screening and Selection: This stage is the crucible where candidates’ suitability is meticulously evaluated. Resumes, interviews, references, and assessments are woven together to form a comprehensive picture of each candidate’s potential.
  4. Follow-up: after igility assisting to find the perfect leader, the work doesn’t stop there. They provide recommendations for a smooth transition, as well as a check-in with the CEO one month after the new employee starts. This helps ensure that everything is going smoothly and any potential issues are addressed early.

A Future Forged Through Collaboration

In a field that’s always changing, this type of service is important and can save time in the long run. As healthcare keeps changing, igility is a strong supporter, connecting the old and new. They focus on skills that can be used in different jobs, being efficient, and able to adapt. igility is ready to guide the way healthcare is managed, so companies can do well even when things are uncertain.

Is your organization ready to find the best leaders? Contact us today to get started with the recruitment process.