• Almost invisible
  • Lifting capacity up to 255 kg/560 lbs
  • Minimal built-in height – high lifting range

Experience the epitome of discreet and nearly invisible lifting with the GHZ Lifting Module. Designed to ensure safe, comfortable lifts and a secure environment for care staff, this sleek module runs seamlessly along the traverse rail. Enjoy the benefits of minimized embedding dimensions and extra lifting height, making it perfect for spaces with low ceilings.

Key Features:

Adaptive Installation: Effortlessly install GHZ on wall rails across various wall types, easily compensating for wall irregularities to achieve a perfect fit.

Comprehensive Assistance: Combine the GHZ Lift Module with Guldmann’s lifting hangers and slings for unparalleled versatility in lifting and moving. Aid gait training, balance exercises, and personal care routines with confidence and ease.

Experience discreet and efficient lifting solutions with the GHZ Lift Module. Elevate care to the next level and enhance the well-being of both patients and caregivers.

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