• Allows even faster lifting and moving
  • Very high lifting capacity of up to 400 kg/880 lbs
  • Option to add on Care Lift Management modules

Experience a new level of patient care with the GH3+ Professional Ceiling Lift. Engineered to prioritize patient safety, this robust lifting solution ensures a steady and controlled lift, reducing discomfort and the risk of injuries during transfers.

Steady and Secure Lifts: The GH3+ motor’s sturdiness guarantees a smooth and secure lifting experience, enhancing patient safety and instilling confidence in caregivers.

Streamlined Operations: Seamlessly integrating with the Guldmann Care Lift Management (CLM) system, the GH3+ optimizes daily care routines, especially in bariatric care settings. The CLM system offers vital insights into lift usage, facilitating efficient resource planning to keep the lift readily available and operating at its best when needed.

Choose the GH3+ Professional Ceiling Lift for enhanced patient safety and improved operational efficiency. Elevate your care standards with this intelligently designed lifting solution.