But the benefits don’t stop there. Care workers using our ceiling hoist systems have reported significant reductions in physical complaints:

– Back complaints decreased by an impressive 18%
– Neck, shoulder, and arm complaints decreased by a remarkable 26%
– Knee complaints saw a staggering reduction of 42%

At igility Services, we understand that your care facility has unique requirements. To ensure we meet your specific needs, let’s start by identifying them:

– How many lifts do you require each day? We’ll design a system that supports your lifting demands efficiently and effectively.

– Time is valuable. How long does the lifting process currently take? Our goal is to streamline operations, saving you precious time and resources.

– Are you looking to optimize your workforce? We’ll assess your lifting requirements and determine the optimal number of helpers needed.

– Convenience matters. Should the lifting module always be available? We’ll work with you to create a solution that ensures easy access whenever you need it.

– Room-by-room versatility. Do you envision a lifting module in every room? We’ll collaborate with you to maximize accessibility and convenience.

With igility Services, you have the power to customize your ceiling hoist system according to your needs and preferences. We are committed to delivering an exact solution that suits your unique requirements.

Get ready to transform your care environment. Contact us today to share your needs and desires for a ceiling hoist system that exceeds your expectations.

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